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krystalove kridlo 2024

Získali sme cenu Krištálové krídlo



Dear jazz music friends,
we live in strange times marked by fear, uncertainty, and isolation of our homes, cities, and countries. One Day Jazz Festival for many years speaks out about the connection between artists all around the globe, about belonging and mutual interaction.
We, the organizers of the One Day Jazz Festival, were caught by the current restrictions as all musicians in the preparation of this year’s festival. We can start this season thanks to our partners in a unique online space. The viewer of the concert will be able to see the musicians in a completely new light during the online broadcast. Since we want to maintain the possibility of international musical fusions we will also connect live with the artist abroad.
One Day Jazz Festival starts this year on Thursday, April 30th at 8:00 pm and a total of eight concerts broadcasted to eight countries await us by the end of August. The event will be held in cooperation with eight Slovak institutes under the auspices of the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Ivan Korčok.
The opening of the festival will belong to the Michal Bugala Trio formation together with special guest Štefan Bugala. We will also connect live with an artist in Italy, which is one of the countries most affected by COVID-19. Jazz bassist Daniele Camarda talks about how the current crisis is experienced by Italian artists.
All the information about live broadcasting will be provided by our website onedayjazz.sk.
Best wishes,
Martin Valihora